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An iconic style that became legendary, combined with quality and comfort that no sportsperson could resist: to experience it, simply select Adidas outlet items from Lounge by Zalando! Register for free with our shopping club to access exclusive discounts. But be quick to create an account: flash sales end in record time!

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Few sportswear brands can boast as much as Adidas. The label has become a reference point not only for those who do physical activity but for anyone who appreciates their philosophy of life. How did this popularity originate and the mythical aura that surrounds the brand?

It all began in 1924 in Herzogenaurach, near Nuremberg, where an athlete named Adolf Dassler had a brilliant idea: to create shoes designed specifically for each sport, which he did in the back room of the shop, the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, that he ran with his brother. And from this idea the first shoes dedicated to athletics were created, those designed for tennis and others followed one after another.

But he was not yet satisfied and in addition to expanding production with an innovative clothing line, to gain further traction he decided to sponsor athletes first and then well known singers and bands: this is how the legendary brand developed. Still today Adidas is a symbol of success and the freedom of youth subcultures.

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In addition to being very comfortable and boasting an attractive and easy to match design, the shoes from the German brand can be recognised at first sight and have become an irresistible status symbol.

Wearing the beloved Gazelle model or opting for the Superstars, celebrated in songs by famous hip-hop groups, is always casual and allows you to give a clear style message.


But it's not just the iconic sneakers that make Adidas such a beloved brand. It was the 70's when the tracksuits designed by Dassler became a cult garment, recognisable by the three contrasting stripes.

Today, thanks to the athleisure trend, the classic gymnastic dress is even more current and indispensable for those who love the laid-back and relaxed urban vibe.

Opt for vintage tracksuits with vertical stripes on the arms and legs or for the most detailed reinterpretations with delightful feminine details: what do you think of race jackets studded with flowers designed by popstar Rita Ora? Speaking of capsule collections, don't forget to look for the Adidas outlet clothing from established designers belonging to the world of haute couture. An example are the deluxe swimwear and matching accessories designed by the talented Stella McCartney which combine beautiful sporty style and sophisticated tailoring.


No matter what your style is, sportswear, including the Adidas outlet from Lounge by Zalando, fits into virtually every occasion and mood. Just think of the classic trainers like the Gazelle, the Stan Smith or the Superstar with their minimal and versatile design, they lend themselves to become the highlight of a thousand different outfits.

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