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The North Face: Unleash your inner adventurer with our high-performance outdoor gear. From durable jackets to versatile backpacks, we've got you covered on every epic journey. Explore now and conquer the great outdoors in style.

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If you love the open air lifestyle and are looking for an outfit that perfectly mixes functionality and style, sign up for the Lounge by Zalando shopping club and you're sure to be impressed by the versatility of the North Face collection. Browse through our wide range of offers, discover the breadth of The North Face selection, and take advantage of our unmissable discounts.



What could be better than translating your individual passion into a successful career? That's exactly what Californian outdoor lover Doug Tompkins achieved when he opened his first mountain equipment shop in San Francisco in 1966 - decorating the shop front with a now iconic half dome logo.

The arduous climb to success began by sponsoring expeditions to the furthest corners of the planet. Ready to meet the most extreme demands, The North Face started to design garments and footwear with extraordinary functionality, and the perfect fit for high altitude sports and outdoor lovers.

"Never Stop Exploring" is much more than just a motto for The North Face. It's an authentic mission statement. The Californian brand creates sportswear that highlights its fashionable side, but at the same time knows how to deliver the practical performance required on high mountain trails, breathtaking cliffs, or the routes of demanding ultra-marathons.


The North Face has created several cult items that have written an indelible page in the history of global fashion, including:

• The Flight Series collection made from ultra-light materials.

• The Tekware line based on a water resistant, breathable fabric that does not wrinkle and always dries quickly.

• A wide collection of trekking and trail-running shoes, enabling wearers to experience the outdoors at its best, while counting on comfort at all times.

Because of this, we simply have to invite you to experience the selection of The North Face clothing available at Lounge by Zalando's online outlet. Among the eye-catching colours and exuberant designs that suit rural and urban lifestyles, you'll find unsurpassed practicality that will enhance your recreational activities.


What features make the collection of The North Face outlet distinctive? First of all, customers will notice the quality of the materials, which offer impeccable wearability, being designed to blend comfort and mobility. But they also come in designs that are attentive to aesthetic details.

The clothes and accessories available at our shopping club will help you optimise your performance, whether you intend to explore soaring mountain ranges, or to wander the urban jungle.

Moreover, The North Face collection lends itself to surprisingly glamorous combinations. A The North Face backpack can be worn to the office with a classic jacket-trouser suit, adding a touch of panache and practical storage space. And ultra-light padded jackets from the brand show their refinement when combined with oversized pullovers and tailored trousers.

Overall, The North Face collection at Lounge by Zalando provides the opportunity to practice your favourite activities with extra protection, while offering eye-catching casualwear that makes a nod to current fashion trends without forgetting the importance of comfort.

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