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The places we live in should be beautiful spaces filled with colour and light. That's why Lounge by Zalando offers you a wide range of home decor brands with up to 75%* of discount. We know the impact that well-arranged interior decorations can have on our quality of life, and our shopping club makes it easy to find anything from small pieces of furniture to vases and prints. 

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Add a Bit of Designer Magic to Your Living Spaces

First up, let's think about the rooms where you probably spend most of your time - your living rooms and bedrooms. In the living room, covering walls is most likely to be your major challenge. When walls are involved, wall decor products like mirrors and fabric hangings can cover up large bare patches. Add them at regular intervals and choose "accent" pieces to create a focal point that will instantly impress visitors. But the way you combine colours is also important.

Mixing up pastel shades for your sofas, tables and wallpaper can create some soothing effects, or you can be bolder with bright stripes and swashes of colour. But if you go for darker colours, be sure to give them enough natural light to shine.

In the bedroom, similar rules apply, but here lighting and soft furnishings take centre stage. Pick practical, good looking mobile lamps that will illuminate your bed-time reading, and find bed linens and throws that suit your aesthetic tastes. At Lounge by Zalando, finding house decoration products like that shouldn't be hard, whatever colours or patterns you prefer.

Style Every Room with a Designer Decorations 

But don't feel like you are limited to living rooms and bedrooms. Any space in the home can be improved with a touch of designer class and your own unique imagination. For instance, studies are particularly suited to getting creative. When you occupy a room for hours on end reading or typing away, it helps to have some beautiful prints or ornaments to glance at every now and then.

Hallways and corridors are also great candidates for a bit of house decoration.


If they are narrow, slender strips of colour or the right prints can turn these spaces into key parts of a home design without making them feel smaller and oppressive. Then there's the kitchen. From designer stools to quirky shelving, there's an endless range of options for budding chefs to liven up their kitchens. Just have a look around and let your mind experiment with different ideas. You're sure to come up with something beautiful and amazing, particularly if you shop at the right places.

Buy the Ideal House Decoration Products at Lounge by Zalando

It's easy to put all of these ideas into practice at Lounge by Zalando, where your home decoration dreams can become reality (at an extremely affordable price). Here's how it works. Lounge by Zalando is an online shopping club which partners with the world's biggest designers, making their products available at discounts of up to 75%*. Anything could appear on our flash sales, from vases to designer chairs. All you need to do is sign up and you can start shopping in no time! ;-)

*Compared to the recommended retail price.