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Outlet prices, exclusive brands and a wide selection of products, maybe even including that pair of shoes that have been on your wishlist for so long. Private sales clubs have an irresistible appeal for those who like to keep up with fashion, but how exactly do they work?

We’re sorry to inform you that we’re temporarily unable to deliver to Northern Ireland. Please check out our FAQ for more information.

New offers on the most exclusive fashion and lifestyle brands await you every day in the Lounge by Zalando virtual showrooms. Discounts of up to 75%* on the list price allow you to save on clothing for men, women and children, as well as on shoes, accessories and household items.

The secret to shopping with a shopping club? Be fast!

Sales have a limited duration that can vary from 3 to 5 days and featured items are subject to availability. To avoid missing out on the season's perfect pair of boots or your favourite brand jeans, we suggest that you download the Lounge by Zalando app. You'll then be able to access our offers from any location using your smartphone or tablet. In addition, follow our suggestions to take full advantage of our exclusive shopping club offers. You may discover that you can finally tick some of those must-have items off your wishlist!


We keep in regular contact with members of our shopping club via our newsletter. This provides information and details of new and upcoming Lounge by Zalando online sales. The newsletter also updates you on our latest offers and, above all, it eliminates the risk of missing sales featuring your favourite brands.

You can manage newsletter frequency directly from your profile. Choose to receive it daily, weekly or on certain selected days according to your personal preference. Plus, you can save details of sales featuring brands that interest you to your calendar by clicking on "remember it".

Our daily shopping club sales include the full range of women's, men's and children's fashions from sportswear to underwear. Not to mention designer jewelry and watches, all the best footwear brands, or furniture and accessories to create the home you've always dreamed of. New sales usually start at 7 am. If you'd like to browse the entire collection or add the best pieces from your favourite brands to your cart, simply set the alarm clock to connect you at sale starting times.

Take advantage of golden opportunities from any location with Lounge by Zalando!

Don't have the time to sit in front of the computer keeping an eye on our shopping club sales? Whatever your location, you can access our exclusive offers directly from your smartphone thanks to the Lounge by Zalando app. Download it for iOS or Android now!


For a faster and more effective search, use the filters for categories, sizes, colours and prices. Once the filters are set, you'll only be shown articles that exactly match what you're looking for. That way, you won't waste time clicking through each product and you'll be able to quickly grab your desired items.

• Advice from Lounge by Zalando•

If you find an article you like but are unsure whether you want to buy it, just add it to your cart. You can keep products in your shopping cart for 20 minutes before they become available to other users again.If you're in a hurry to receive your package, choose sales with the "fast delivery" tag.

Not yet registered with Lounge by Zalando? Just enter your name and your e-mail address, or register using a social network account. Or, if you're already a Zalando customer, use the same credentials and you won't have to create a second account. Why are you waiting? Sign up now to benefit from our shopping club offers!


Unlike other shopping clubs, with Lounge by Zalando you can buy items from different sales and receive them in the same package, paying shipping costs only once. Furthermore, if you select a product from a sale with the "fast delivery" tag, you will receive your order within standard delivery time. Use these handy little tips to get the most from our exclusive sales and to make your online shopping experience even more enjoyable!

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*Compared to the recommended retail price.