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Whether it's a handbag, shoulder bag, an oversize or clutch, or any one of a vast range of bag styles that you're after, one thing is true, nothing inspires so much fashion excitement as a new bag. Why? because no accessory, apart from shoes, has such a great power to transform the image, style, and sheer punch of any outfit.

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However, bags are also notoriously famous for being limited edition, and waiting lists are not uncommon for certain new designer styles.

Lounge by Zalando hope to make this easier, with its first look, first choice membership that gives you a head start, and takes the stress out of bag shopping. With regular updates and a fast turn over, you'll never miss a fashion campaign, and always enjoy the most exclusive and original designs that Lounge by Zalando can source, all in one place, just for you.

 Exclusive collections and inspiring ideas

So whatever your reason for a new bag, there's sure to be an original fresh new take to add a zing to any outfit or occasion, and a style to inspire and make a special outfit really take off. Along side this, there is also some wonderful, well made classics, essential style items and designer favourites on Lounge by Zalando's pages.


Perhaps you want something tiny, original and gorgeously sparkly to dangle from you wrist for an up coming party, or is an individually decorated, over sized soft 'sac' just the thing to give all your casual wardrobe a signature. There's also a stunning range of sleek, beautifully crafted leather styles, document cases and brief cases, exclusive to Lounge by Zalando, that will last, look good and give your work image the flair to help you fly up the promotion ladder.

"Straight from the catwalk!"

Or perhaps you're a sporty soul? Here you will also find some lively, colourful practical styles for all your gym bits and pieces, or sports gear, that have been stitched in modern, washable easy care, man made fabrics. There's also a range of bags practical enough, sturdy enough, and big enough for overnight stays. And, who can forget the fun of owning a 'one off' designer desirable before anyone else, straight from the catwalk?

Always great at spotting new trends and fashions, Lounge by Zalando often has that 'must have' style so why miss out when it's just a few clicks away.