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Get in the game with our stylish and performance-driven sport shoes. From running to training, our collection offers the perfect balance of performance and fashion. Step up your game and shop now for the perfect pair to take you to new heights.

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Lounge by Zalando is the one place you can shop if you rely on original products which boast that touch of additional opulence.

We’re sorry to inform you that we’re temporarily unable to deliver to Northern Ireland. Please check out our FAQ for more information.


The products we stock are carefully chosen with you in mind and take it from us, we know how to impress. Every item on our shelves tests the boundaries of the imagination and you will see this instantly as soon as you subscribe.

Our shopping club is exclusive to subscribed members, however fear not as this process is completely free. Once you have filled out a simple application form, you will have instant access to all of the features our current members enjoy everyday.

Sport shoes from Lounge by Zalando

Once you have subscribed to Lounge by Zalando, all of the features of our web site will be at your disposal. You will be able to browse and purchase some of the best sport shoes on the market from big brands such as Nike and Asics.


The soles of these sport shoes are made from high quality rubber, ensuring maximum protection is given to you when you are indulging in activities such as running, skipping and other forms of athletics. These shoes also offer firm grip, ensuring you will never slip, allowing you to enjoy a healthy workout as often as they please. What's more, the training shoes are stylish and unique, allowing each wearer to feel like a true sporting individual whenever they train.

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When you shop with Lounge by Zalando, you can be sure of receiving excellent customer service with every purchase you make. There is a free helpline available, should you wish to obtain further information about a product.

What's more, Lounge by Zalando now has shopping applications which will enable you to browse and make purchases from your phone and many products come with a 100 day returns policy.

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When you sign up to Lounge by Zalando, you will be able to enjoy a live shopping experience. Many items will temporarily be posted onto this platform at up to 75% off, meaning you could save an absolute fortune. This is very handy around the Christmas period and of course, birthdays of family and friends.

Although you can register for free, you are not obliged to make a purchase so think about it, what have you got to lose?