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Dickies: Unleash your style with trendy and durable clothing. From rugged workwear to street-inspired fashion, we've got you covered. Find your perfect fit and rock the Dickies look today!

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Ramp it up with the ultimate range of skater cool with Dickies clothing

Inspired by the gritty hard-working American, Dickies clothing has evolved into a brand not only loved by loyal fans but also adopted by the skater crowds. Their range of button up plaid shirts, skateboarding shorts, scrubs and cargo pants can be seen on girls, boys and kids who epitomise grungy cool, and you have all at Lounge by Zalando.  

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Ditch the formal wear, Dickies fans embrace grunge and cool

Besides the cool factor, Dickies clothes are loved by all because of their comfort, durability and hard-wearing attitudes. Embracing the freedom of the punk spirit, fashion followers are free spirits who love passionately and don’t live life in half measures. Skate online to see their latest selection of Dickies beanies, Dickies cargo trousers and more. Landing a trick is important but having threads that support your style is the most important.

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Besides the workwear ethos, Dickies clothes also focus on trend-setting styles and influencer casual wear. Pair your oversized camo trousers with a red and black plaid shirt, a backwards facing trucker cap, and a pair of Dickies hi-tops for cool comfort. The spirit of a Dickies fan is brave, bold and fearless. Crash land the latest sales items, like Dickies T-Shirts, on Lounge by Zalando and flip the perfect clothing ollie.

Land the perfect trick when scoring hot Dickies sales items

 Nothing says style and fashion savvy more than a pair of relaxed fit dungarees or overalls. Once the everyday working mans staple, now the ultra cool design item for your every-season wardrobe. The Dickies range of overalls comes with the extra-added benefit of being water repellent for those long days braving the elements. Look your best in a stylish pair of women's bib overalls or the men’s collection of summer style Bermuda shorts.

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The Dickies outlet wont be complete without the added benefit of a must-have accessory. Peruse online and choose from their range of ultra slick work aprons, work bags and more. Designed for the healthy American man and woman, you wont want to attend to your duties without these Dickies essentials. Offering an assortment of belts, suspenders, hats, socks and wallets to stash your hard earned cash. It’s a win-win for the Dickies fan.

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Hit the nail on the head with the comprehensive range of Dickies clothing, accessories and workwear. Save up to 75% * compared to the recommended retail price and get the perfect work jacket for your daily grind. Choose from a range of lightweight summer and winter jackets with breathable-layered staples to suit any climate. Nothing can beat the classic Eisenhower Dickies jacket for all purposes. The men's range of jackets are built to handle the toughest of situations. Grab an everyday hoodie for comfort style and warmth. Dickies have an outfit for every occasion, so sign up to Lounge by Zalando for crazy discounts that hit right.