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Napapijri: Embrace the spirit of adventure with our stylish and functional outdoor apparel. From cozy jackets to rugged backpacks, our collection is designed to elevate your exploration game. Shop now and embark on your next journey in style.

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Napapijri sale: Premium Italian apparel and accessories

The Napapijri sale on Lounge by Zalando is geared towards the free thinkers, nomads, outsiders and the curious. It's a call to embrace creativity, and explore the authentic self, while boldly facing the trials this world has to offer. Sign up to Lounge by Zalando to gain instant access to the variety of products for men and women around the UK.

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  A Napapijri t-shirts, hats and more for bold men

Napapijri isn't about the destination – it's about the journey getting there and the things you learn about yourself and the world along the way. When it comes to men's summer wear, you'll have access to pieces like the standard T-shirts made with Liberty Fabric. Coupled with a checkered bucket hat, a matching waist bag, a pair of trousers and mesh trainers, your outfit for a day in the sun will be complete. If there's a little breeze in the air, grab one of the many hoodies available in multiple colours and cover all your bases.

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Men’s winter apparel by this label is where the company shines, with a wide variety of winter jackets, insulating trousers and more. On those cold winter days when you'd like to mix up the formal and the casual attire, you can pick up one of the fleece sweatshirts available through Napapijri and couple it with a long-sleeve shirt underneath, a pair of chinos, a beanie and suede mid boots to round off your outfit.

  Napapijri women choices that make the difference

If you think the choice of men's clothing is extensive, you'll be head over heels when scouring through the online platform for women's clothing. One of the top sellers in the sales range is the Alcamar short jacket; lightweight, fully quilted with a zip-fastening front. The top colour choice for many customers is lilac pink. Couple this with a pair of leggings and some fashionable mesh trainers and you'll be ready to take on the day, no matter what activities are on your list.

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The winter selection also offers a collection of winter outerwear for you to choose from. During those rainy winter days when you still want to get out, a windbreaker or anorak by Napapijri will suit you just fine and goes with any other clothing choice.

  Lounge by Zalando: The way to shop your Napapijri collection

When you sign up for Lounge by Zalando, (which is completely free), you'll gain access to all of the deals available on the site with this range and so much more. Lounge by Zalando offers up to 75% off compared to the recommended retail price across more than 2,500 international brands. Multiple campaigns run regularly and for limited periods, but if you miss one sale, don't fret. Another will shortly follow. [justify]Make use of the free returns policy if what you get isn't quite what you ordered, and enjoy the ease of the platform. All your clothing needs are only a couple of clicks away from being sent to your door, so take full advantage while you can.