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A Timberland outlet attracts outdoor enthusiasts, from those wanting casual walking gear, to serious hikers demanding the best in rugged, durable outdoor clothing and footwear to handle rough terrain. All thanks to the brand's sterling quality reputation.

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A Timberland Outlet with Flash Deals

Here's a Timberland outlet where you can get lower prices on the brand's rugged, high-quality and comfortable outdoor wear. These products are trusted worldwide for their durability. Now you can get fantastic deals on items on Zalando Lounge – plus flash deals on over 2,500 other sought-after brands. Membership and delivery are free.


A One-stop Timberland Outlet, Regularly Offering Great Value

Timberland has built its reputation on creating hiking shoes and outdoor clothing of extremely high quality, with great durability. This apparel is designed to meet the needs of hikers, and is thus made from the most modern materials to ensure foot protection, comfort and light weight. Naturally, they're also perfectly suitable for more casual hikers.

On the Zalando Lounge online platform, you'll have an outlet that you can access any time, day or night, with a wide range of apparel from this extremely popular outdoor clothing brand always at your fingertips. This includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, and dedicated hiking trousers.

Timberland jackets are also extremely popular. They provide significant protection from rain and wind, and are made from durable materials that resist ripping, when caught on overhanging branches, for instance. They're very stylish, to boot. Plus, they pair well with boots for women or men.

Timberland Boots for Men and Women - and Much More!

This brand is perhaps best known for its hiking boots, the original items on which it built its reputation. Timberland boots for men come in a huge selection of styles to suit different activities and terrain. Boots for women feature all the same high-tech qualities, and are designed specifically for female feet – a perfect example of the attention to detail contained in everything you'll find at the outlet.

Summer fashions are also available, including tough yet extremely breathable Timberland sandals. These are really versatile: you can wear them to the beach, go for walks in them, or just relax around the house enjoying their comfort. They have a rugged look and are available for all genders. Youngsters aren't left out, either. We have plenty of kids' boots in stock. They also provide significant foot protection and contain the same advanced technology as their adult counterparts. These aren't merely cute replicas of the real thing – they're more than able to cope with the most robust kids' activities.


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