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Barbour brings timeless British style to your wardrobe. Get ready to embrace classic elegance with their iconic jackets, cozy knitwear, and stylish accessories. Shop now and exude sophistication in every outfit.

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The unique and immediately recognizable style and quality, exemplified by the Barbour range makes  them  a Lounge by Zalando must-have. Certified by Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge and the royal family for decades, Barbour outlet is a classic addition to our shopping club! Sign up to the lounge and get immediate access to exclusive discounts. But don't take too long to create an account: flash sales only last a few days!

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A British, family-run company, Barbour opened its doors in 1894 in the South Shields Market. Today, led by fifth-generation descendants, Barbour is proud to maintain its original, traditional processes.

Its founder is the Scottish patron John Barbour, who created the first, iconic, waxed jacket, invested as he was in meeting the waterproofing needs of fishermen and farmers in the Northeast. Over time, motorcycle jackets were introduced, which in the mid-1960s received a true consecration from well-known Hollywood actor, Steve McQueen. Even the navy relied on the quality of the English company.

But phenomenal success comes later, during the eighties.  Thanks to the young sloane-ranger Diana Spencer and, twenty years later, thanks to the new branch of royals, which definitively transform the waxed jacket into an indispensable fashion item, the Barbour outlet production expands to include items for the entire wardrobe.


• Historic waxed jackets and trench coats •

Sported by members of the Windsor house,  among the most well-known and popular are the trench coats, emblem of British style, and the quilted and Beadnell jackets, so dear to Lady Diana and made famous in Italy in navy blue tones, during the 90s.

•  Turtlenecks,  pullovers, vests and shirts •

It is difficult to imagine English country style, inspired by pastimes like fox hunting, without the inevitable turtleneck sweaters or Scottish print, flannel shirts,  perfect for wearing  under a windproof vest,  and able to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. But don't be fooled by appearances: Barbour garments flawlessly enhance the silhouette and look impeccable. Even functional ensembles must maintain a feminine touch.

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•  Accessories and footwear in English Country style •

If you thought that the rubber boots were to be reserved for gardening, get ready to change your mind: the indestructible and water resistant wellies boast fans like the Duchess of Cambridge, who used to wear them with exposed socks, along with her inseparable green waxed jacket and a hat with visor. And speaking of caps, in addition to rain boots, Barbour boasts delightful hats with ultra-feminine detail. Not to mention the scarves in the brand's signature tartan weave.


The  British fashion house owes its origins to the robust simplicity of British style.  At Lounge by Zalando you will find  classic short-sleeved knitted dresses with a structured cut and an unmistakable checkered motif, to combine with ballet flats or moccasins, capable of emphasizing British bon ton allure.

For an equally sober but less preppy mood we suggest a straight wool dress,  with a pair of sturdy masculine lace-ups and a large carry-all to hold everything you need for the day.

Despite being anchored to tradition,  Barbour outlet garments are also  very current and trendy. So, visit the Lounge by Zalando immediately or create an account on our shopping club and collect your special offers, to recreate endless fashionable outfits, that cost you less. Being part of our community gives you access to:

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