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Victoria’s secret at Zalando Lounge

Did you know that the American lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret is the result of one man’s experience of buying lingerie for his wife?

Victoria's Secret

It is an incredible fact that the lingerie brand, which is now the largest producer of womenswear and lingerie in America, was born out of one man’s determination to transform the dowdy underwear of 1970s department stores into garments that women would actually want to wear. Alongside his wife, Roy Raymond founded a company that would successfully make women look and feel fabulous on the inside, by wearing a more provocative style of lingerie.

Clothing to make women feel feminine and fabulous

It is easy to see why Victoria’s Secret has achieved success with its ever changing collection of womenswear.

Victoria's Secret

When Roy Raymond researched the availability of women’s lingerie in the 1970s he discovered that thongs and padded bras could only be found in niche stores and that women were forced to wear functional underwear and sleepwear which did little to enhance their bodies. The brand not only changed the way that women dressed but also how they felt about their natural beauty. In the Zalando lounge, you will find many of the latest lingerie styles at incredible discounts, giving you direct access to gorgeous clothing for free.

Victoria’s Secret – fun, fashionable lingerie to feel glamorous on the inside

Ever since this fashion brand was founded in 1977, women have revelled in the luxurious lace fabric, exceptional fit and superior quality of the brand’s intimate clothing, especially its bras, pants and sleepwear.

Victoria's Secret

The real secret behind the brand’s success is the company’s ability to understand how women want to feel beneath their clothing. For this reason, the company’s clothing products are squarely aimed at women, rather than men, ensuring that every bra and thong is designed to suit the needs of women and offers lingerie that is both glamorous and sexy.

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