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Do you love fancy designer fashion, exciting individual pieces from newcomers and insider tips? Are you a fan of expensive elegant sports clothing but still want to snatch a bargain price? Discover high-quality branded clothing and exciting accessories online at Zalando Lounge!

We’re sorry to inform you that we’re temporarily unable to deliver to Northern Ireland. Please check out our FAQ for more information.

Designer Outlet

Discover high-quality branded clothing and exciting accessories online in our designer outlet! As an exclusive shopping club, Zalando Lounge distinguishes itself by providing high-quality brands and products, as well as a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

This is all possible in our Zalando Lounge Designer Outlet. It also offers a distinct benefit to internet bargain hunters looking for an advantage over their store-based equivalents. However, there are a few key strategies to follow in order to get the most out of your outlet experience and get your hands on the best pieces. Here we offer an overview of the most important - with 7 tips for the perfect purchase in the Online Designer Outlet. ;-)

Tip 1: Think carefully 

Shoes, handbags, accessories, dresses, pants, blouses - in our online outlet you will find all these and much more. The variety on offer can be a bit bewildering at first and before you know it, your most desired pieces are sold out. It's best to plot out a little in advance what you are after and use the filter function to streamline your search. If you have all your favourites in your shopping cart, you can still take a few minutes to browse for other items.

But watch out: the cart at Zalando Lounge will expire after 20 minutes, so always keep that time frame in mind!

Tip 2: Choose the right size

So, you find yourself a pair of charming high heels at a great reduction, but the last pair is just one size too small for your feet. We know how hard it is to let go of a great bargain, especially when they're shooting off the online shelves and you're desperately trying to convince yourself that maybe you could squeeze your feet into them and live with the discomfort, maybe break them in a bit. Still, we strongly recommend the sensible approach. Shoes should be comfortable from the first day you wear them and clothing should fit upon arrival, not after you've finished a six-week crash diet.

Stick to your own unique shape to avoid expensive purchases you later regret as well as immediate disappoint when the package arrives.

Tip 3: Pay attention to your own style

So, the heavily discounted summer dress is a steal and the knee-high boots are just totally hip. But are they really “you”?

We truly encourage you to browse all of our high-quality branded clothing and exciting accessories online in our outlet!

However, the purchase is only worthwhile if the parts also correspond to your own individual style. Those who like to dress classically will probably never go public with eye-catching designer clothes, and timeless pieces may be rather boring for lovers of creative styles. Also, make sure that the purchased clothes fit your existing wardrobe. It's not a bargain if you have to buy a matching collection for the shirt, top or sweater - and are only able to finally step out in it a few months later.

Outlet Online

Tip 4: Pay attention to brand actions

Once you have found your favourite jeans and know their size, you can always access Zalando Lounge Online Outlet and enjoy a greatly reduced price. It is therefore advisable, especially for garments that can vary quite a lot, to pay attention to brand actions. Zalando Lounge offers daily reductions and information on upcoming promotions.

Just set a reminder to inform you when your favourite brands and products are about to go on sale. Look forward to brands like Gucci, Diesel, Adidas and Timberland.

Tip 5: Accessorize

Do you consider clothes shopping an adventure? Then our outlet will become a real shopping paradise for you online. Now get ready to accessorize!

Have you always wanted to have a pair of designer sunglasses or have you been sneaking around these expensive earrings for months?

With a little luck, you can get those accessories here for a fraction of the original price - and use the savings to treat yourself again! That said, keep a look out for jewelry, glasses etc. that suit your look - see tip 3.

Tip 6: Have your wardrobe in view

Are you still missing one part for your summer wardrobe or do you need to replace a favourite garment that has finally worn out? Our designer outlet is perfect for expanding an existing wardrobe and perfecting the style of clothing. For this, however, you should have your clothing inventory in mind, in order to be able to strike fast and effectively.

In our assortment, you not only get accessories like jewelry and high-quality watches but also clothes for the entire family, as well as shoes, furniture, home accessories and much more! Now, let’s take a look at our last tip.

Tip 7: Be quick!

In our Online Outlet you will find surprisingly low prices, but so will every other Zalando Lounge member. Therefore, it is important to act quickly.

At Zalando Lounge there are many items in evolving promotions with up to 75%* reductions - but only while stocks last.

The products are only reserved in the shopping cart for 20 minutes to give everyone a fair chance at a bargain. However, stick to the tips above and grabbing a perfect designer bargain will be a cinch. Have fun shopping!

*Compared to the recommended retail price.