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How can I change my personal details in my account?

In your account, you can change your name, email address, password or the stored delivery and billing address under "Personal data". If you have ...Read more

How can I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

1. Please go to our login page. Under the box for your password, you'll see the question 'Forgot your password?'. Click it and enter ...Read more

How can I delete my account?

We are sorry to see you go! Maybe you just need a break from the newsletter? If so, you can change your newsletter settings here ...Read more

Our account protection measures

Why am I asked to verify my account with a code or to log in again? We know that security and protection is important ...Read more

Problems with the verification code

Before we can activate your customer account, we want to verify your email address. To do so, we’ve sent you a 6 digit verification ...Read more

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