Types of Underwear

Types of Underwear

This overview provides information about the most common types of underwear, what items you should have for different occasions, and what to look for when making an underwear purchase.

Information about how to determine the correct bra size can be found in our size chart for women under the item “underwear – bras”.

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Classic underwear sets are ideal for everyday wear. Wear T-shirt bras without lace or other decorative elements underneath tight T-shirts and nothing will show through the shirt’s fabric. You can add a bit more volume via classic bras with a push-up effect.

Bodies can be worn in winter as an extra layer underneath jumpers, but can be worn in summer as a full-bodied top with wide trousers and skirts. Their special closed-bottom cut means that they stay in shape however you move and makes them extra-comfortable. When buying bodies, pay attention to the length of the bodysuit: too short, and they can chafe, too long and they may fold up in unsightly wrinkles.

Figure-shaping underwear is ideal for special occasions involving evening dresses. The type of shapewear you choose depends on your outerwear. Under tight-fitting dresses, it makes sense to wear body-length shapewear, while waist shapers or shaping panties can be worn underneath tight skirts. Shaping tights can also accentuate your buttocks and tighten up your thighs. Always pay attention to the quality of the workmanship on shapewear and avoid any irritating seams. Shapewear should sculpt your body without feeling too narrow. And carry out a sitting-test to ensure they fit before you buy!

High-quality lingerie goes well beyond everyday classic underwear and almost enjoy the same status as designer accessories. Lingerie is characterised by its decorative features, fine fabrics and distinctive cut: bralettes and bustiers aren’t just worn as underwear. They can also sparkle underneath transparent or low-cut tops, giving your outfits a seductive touch. When buying lingerie, loom for high-quality workmanship along with elements like precious stones, beads or lace, ensuring that you’ll enjoy your lingerie for years to come.

Sleepwear refers to comfortable underwear that is worn at home while you sleep. The most popular varieties include airy negligees, comfortable pajamas, cosy warm pajamas and shorts. When making a purchase, look for breathable fabrics like pure cotton and go for wide fits that won’t pinch or feel restrictive.

Sports underwear is a wide-ranging part of the market, stretching from warm, functional underwear to supportive sports bras and extra-comfortable yoga clothing. So there should always be something that meets your needs. When you try on new sports underwear for the first time, test the way it feels when you move and make sure it meets your requirements, with a comfortable fit and plenty of support.