Trousers for Women

Trousers for Women

This overview provides information about the most popular types of trousers and will help you finding the perfect trousers for your body type.

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Bootcut trousers are characterised by a flared shape at the bottom. This cut not only makes it possible to wear boots under your trousers, but also looks great with summer shoes. At first, workers liked to wear these trousers over their boots as they were able to repel water and dirt. Nowadays, it flatters most figures, concealing strong calves and pronounced buttocks.

Flatters all body types.

Skinny trousers have been an essential part of women’s wardrobes for years. Because they are designed to be worn close to the skin, these jeans feature materials with a high elasticity as well as conventional cotton. Many designs feature pockets which flatter the buttocks and thighs, bringing out feminine curves perfectly. They were originally designed for athletes such as dancers or skaters who needed to keep their legs as free as possible.

Flatters H, V and X body types.

Regular fit trousers have a straight cut and no special features. This style is so popular because it offers a casual twist on skinny jeans, and it’s perfect for people who don’t want to focus so much on their legs. Regular fit trousers are usually extremely comfortable and tend not to have too much decoration.

Flatters H, A and X body types.

Flares are very similar to bootcut trousers. In both cases, the legs narrow down to knee height, then widen below that point. In flared trousers, the lower leg widens much more than in bootcut designs, making them a suitable companion for boots. They also suit summer shoes such as sandals and wedges and can create beautiful Bohemian looks.

Flatters all body types.

Tapered trousers (or carrot trousers) are generally very high cut and wide at the hips but narrow at the hems. This cut is reminiscent of a carrot, which gives them their name, and they effectively emphasise the female figure by skillfully highlighting the waist. They should be worn with tight-fitting tops or shirts which tuck into the trousers. When you combine them well, they make the hips look wider, making them suitable for women with less pronounced curves.

Flatters H and V body types.

Chinos are lightweight summer trousers that are usually made from cotton. They have a casual cut which is wide at the top and tight at the base, and combines well with almost all types of shoe. They look great with classic T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts alike, and they are a real all-rounder: By day, they work really well with trainers, while in the evening they can combine dazzlingly with high heels.

Flatters H and V body types.

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