Types of Dresses

Types of Dresses

This guide provides an overview of the most common types of dresses and will help you find garments which perfectly suit your body shape.

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The A-line dress is one of the most popular varieties of dresses, as it shows off almost every figure to its advantage and can be combined with other clothes in a huge range of ways. It is characterised by a body-hugging upper part and a wider section around the waist, creating a feminine silhouette without being overly provocative.

Flatters all body types.

The shift dress is a timeless fashion classic and always guarantees an impressive look. The narrow cut emphasises feminine body shape and leaves enough room for creative combinations – whether it’s for the working week or special occasions.

Flatters both H and X body types.

The wrap dress is a charming all-rounder. Under its flowing fabric, you can conceal minor problem areas, while the belt and bow emphasise your waistline effectively. At the same time, the sophisticated v-neck creates a stunning neckline and highlights your feminine assets.

Flatters H, V and X body types.

Any woman can feel comfortable wearing a slip dress, provided they know how to wear it properly! This design is characterised by narrow straps and does away with sleeves altogether. The cut is designed for layering with different tops and these dresses tend to suit any wardrobe. And in cool temperatures, it’s easy to put on a jumper over the dress.

Flatters V and X body types.

Shirt dresses are very popular because you can wear them to any occasion. You can wear it business-style or in a playful way. Even in winter, shirt dresses look stunning in combination with boots and a cardigan. The button placket at the front is an eye-catcher and you don’t need any additional jewellery. Your female figure can be emphasised when combining the dress with a waist belt.

Flatters all types of figures.

The T-shirt dress scores highly thanks to its straight cut and stylish restraint. It makes a handy alternative to sheath dresses for everyday wear and conceals problem areas well. Fabrics such as silk, chiffon or lyocell make these dresses look light and airy, providing maximum movement in wider designs.

Flatters A and X body types.