Blazer for Men

Blazer for Men

This overview provides all the information you need about the most popular types of blazers, helping to find garments which perfectly match your body type and tastes.

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Jackets are usually made of cotton or silk and can be worn as a classic suit jacket. They tend to be worn with matching trousers on formal occasions. In some cases, they may also come with matching shirts.

The sports jacket is what we tend to call a more casual version of the classic jacket. Unlike classic jackets, sports jackets don’t have to match trousers perfectly and they are designed for smart-casual events or leisure activities, with a sporty look. Most designs are characterised by sewn-in shoulder pads and will have a short row of between two and five buttons.

These days, blazers tend to appear mainly in women’s wardrobes and describe all types of casual jackets. Blazers are usually purchased without matching trousers and do not have sewn-in shoulder pads. They are usually seen as more suited to leisure activities than the other two varieties.