What is sustainable fashion?

Ecological, fair-trade, radical-chic: there are different ways to define sustainable fashion. Conventionally, the term could be read as the antithesis of what is glamorous. In reality, sustainable fashion is full of facets that can win over even the most sceptical. Discover them with us!

Sustainable fashion Zalando Lounge

The concept of sustainable fashion is closely linked to the more general concept of ethics and environmental sustainability. When we talk about sustainable fashion, in fact, we are talking about a part of the fashion system that tends to establish a harmonious relationship with the environment, without denying consumers attractive products, while remaining in line with the trendiest trends in fashion.

Unlike those who think, fashion is one of the industries with great environmental impact. Among the elements that can cause most damage to the environment are the dyes and all those substances used to treat the fabrics.

One of the last campaigns against the use of these substances is "Dirty Cloths", launched by GreenPeace in 2011. The organization identified 11 toxic substances from the clothing or fashion industries that ended up in water sources. In addition to the environment, these substances can also accumulate on the fabrics themselves, causing harm to the consumer.

Sustainable fashion Zalando Lounge

Proof of this are the many contact disorders that have been rampant in recent years. To underline the sustainability of the fabrics used, several international fashion brands have decided to make the procedures transparent, certifying the fabrics used as free of toxic substances. To date, there are numerous sustainable brands, including Adidas and Nike, Benetton and Valentino, Puma and Levi's.

Sustainable fashion: ethics applied to fashion

We cannot speak of sustainable fashion without referring to ethics, especially that of work. This problem has been highlighted since the '90s when, in order to manufacture their products, major international fashion brands found themselves in the storm for the exploitation of women and children, but also political prisoners held in Asian prisons.

As a result of the pressing accusations, the best-known companies in the fashion system have adapted, subjecting themselves to controls on the working conditions of employees and collaborators.

The result? Clothing items that can be said to be glamorous and fashionable to all intents and purposes, but also respectful of the environment and the human being.

Sustainable fashion: brands and influencers

When it comes to sustainability, one of the names and brands on the international scene that comes to mind is Stella McCartney. The designer, in fact, immediately banned from her collections the use of products derived from animals, then furs and leather, making her brand, first, cruelty free.

Sustainable fashion Zalando Lounge

The names that follow Stella McCartney's are countless: Bono Vox, Filippa K and Vivienne Westwood are just a few that come to mind. In addition to these brands and those already mentioned such as Adidas and Nike, Valentino and H&M, Zara and Puma, there are also names of different influencers and celebrities. Emma Watson and Geraldine Fontanelli are influencers who, like many others, are committed to promoting sustainable and ethical fashion.

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