The five most influential women: copy their style!

The number of influential women who hold important and responsible roles and stand out in a social, economic and political context thanks to their skills and ideas is growing. Here, in our opinion, are the top five influential women of the moment: Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Anna Wintour, Christine Lagarde and Taylor Swift. Copy their style! These women are not only beautiful and fashionable representatives of the female world but they are also intelligent and have brilliant careers.

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Of course, we must start with Amal Clooney, the woman who found her way into the heart of one of Hollywood's most desirable bachelors. A brilliant lawyer specialising in human rights as well as the British government's special envoy for the freedom of the press, Amal Clooney embodies the ideal businesswoman and is certainly among the most influential women of the modern world.

To look like a true queen of office style, ivory suits and coats in softly draped wool are a must.

Amal Clooney style Zalando Privé
Trousers and blazer Mango | Dress Mint & Berry | Pumps Guess

Showcasing definite chic also are the tailored décolleté sheath dresses in solid colours partnered with suede trench coats and stiletto heels. As for her colour palette, Amal wears red as well as floral and animal prints that shout class.

Copy Amal's look

Must-haves: tailored suit, tailored sheath dress and wool coat.Colours: red, floral and animal prints.


Actress, mother, champion of women's rights with a commitment to the humanitarian field, Angelina Jolie provides a source of inspiration with outfits that have added worth for their sheer simplicity. One only has to think of the iconic white shirt that Angelina sports with either black leather pencil skirts or with fluid anthracite-grey skirts.

This monochrome look, when completed with a huge camel-coloured fringed poncho, is totally awesome.

Angelina Jolie style Zalando Privé
Ankle boots Zign | Shirt GAP | Evening dress NLYbyNelly | Leather skirt Evend and Odd

And, among the must-have evening looks are black dresses trimmed with feathers and silk slip dresses in an ice-white colour that add an essential touch of refinement to her wardrobe.

Copy the Angelina look

Must-haves: white shirt, leather pencil skirt, slip dress.Colours: white, black, anthracite, ice.


Entrepreneur, talent scout and, as editor-in-chief of one of the world's most influential magazines, an undisputed leader of fashion, Anna Wintour plays masterfully with volume, proportion and a bold mix of colours.

Floral prints and bold geometrics are a quintessential part of her look.

Anna Wintour style Zalando Privé
Cocktail dress Closet | Necklace ALDO | Boots Bebo | Cardigan Benetton

In Anna's wardrobe, there is no shortage of patterned midi dresses, pastel tweed suits to team with coats and snakeskin boots. A mention must also be made of the ubiquitous cardigan casually draped over her shoulders, the long evening dresses with round necklines and half sleeves, added to which are her discreet and subtly sparkling necklaces.

Copy Anna's look

Must-haves: patterned midi dress, cardigan, snakeskin boots, necklaces.Colours: pastels, floral and snakeskin prints.


If we're talking about the five most influential women of the moment, how can we forget Christine Lagarde? Former synchronised swimming champion, lawyer, politician and the iron lady at the helm of the International Monetary Fund. Her style is chic but definitively austere.

On every occasion, Christine showcases a sophisticated and feminine elegance that plays up her composure in the institutional roles she undertakes.

Christine Lagarde style Zalando Privé
Dress BOSS | Foulard Tory Burch | Earrings TomShot | Blazer comma

The recipe for each of her outfits can be summed up as follows: no concession to frills and frivolity, a few jewels, usually a string of pearls, impeccably tailored suits, coordinated bags and scarves. All enhanced by the brightness of her silver hair which is cut in a neat short style.

Copy Christine's look

Must-haves: suit, scarf, a string of pearls.Colours: black, blue, beige.


Eclectic queen of country music, Taylor Swift was the youngest artist to win a Grammy for the best album of the year while in the States, she has taken a clear stance in the political sphere. Among her inspirational looks to copy: the tartan crop top with high-waisted trousers and the metallic bomber jacket that creates such a sporty mood.

Taylor surprises with her innate vintage style in retro colours, embellished with sequins.

Taylor Swift style Zalando Privé
Paillettes dress Lace & Beads | Croptop Na-Kd | Sandals Even and Odd | Jeans Levi's

To imitate this star of country music, simply put on a fifties-style dress teamed with a pair of unlaced gym shoes.

Copy Taylor's look

Must-haves: crop top, high-waisted trousers, sequinned dress, unlaced gym shoes.Colours: powder pink, metallic shades, fantasy prints.

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