♀️ How to be body positive ♀️

Make peace with your body, accept any small faults and simply be yourself in order to break down old stereotypes and create a new concept of beauty. This is the philosophy on which the Body Positive movement is based, an excellent point to end 2018 on and start the new year with a wave of (body) positivity!

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Feel happy in your body and focus on feeling secure and peaceful, even if you feel your figure is not ideal. This sums up the motto that inspires the Body Positive movement, which was formed between 2010 and 2011. It was initiated in order to undermine the aesthetic stereotypes that have grown in the new millennium and to promote a more simple and natural femininity, in which every woman can recognize herself and feel at ease.

Being body positive means accepting yourself, being comfortable with your body and taking care of yourself with a lot of love.

This freedom is also reflected in your way of dressing, completely personalised and without any rules. Desperate attempts to stretch, tighten or hide your figure are replaced by clothes and accessories that enhance your body shape and reveal a glimpse of your personality.


How do you go against the restrictive beauty standards imposed by the media? It's really simple. Follow your instincts and embrace our 3 top tips:

1. Explore colour2. Enhance your figure3. Customised accessories

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Choose the features that best express your mood at the moment. Try soft and exclusive fabrics that gently caress your shape and give fluidity to your outfit. Pay attention to details, such as ruffles, appliqués and studs, which naturally make your personality shine through, whether you're an eternal dreamer, a nonconformist or you have a rock edge. Whatever your choice, remember that in order to be body positive you have to wear your outfit as if you are sending a love letter to yourself.


Being body positive is a mental process that allows you to go to the gym just for the pleasure of doing it. Therefore, it is not a matter of making up for overeating or of trying to reach impossible goals of emulating top models and celebrities.

The ability to get determination needed to work out and stick with it, as you know, is not easy for everyone: discouragement can arise after sweating it out in hard training sessions and you feel the opposite of the intended effect, making you more inclined to choose unhealthy food and prefer to spend hours on the sofa.

Hot be body positive Zalando Lounge

You should come out of gym sessions with a sense of well-being, this is easier to achieve if you vary your activities: yoga and pilates make the body harmonious, aqua aerobics tones your body, and dancing releases energy. Do you love music and feel charged up when you listen to it? Fatigue decreases and sports become more fun when you listen to your favourite playlist on your headphones. Furthermore, the beneficial effects encourage movement and regulate your mood.

Invest your time in what you love and save some love for yourself every day.

♥ We wish you a great start into 2019 ♥

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