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Jeans, the timeless fashion staple that effortlessly blends style and comfort. From classic designs to trendy cuts, our collection offers a wide range of options to suit every taste. Shop now and discover the power of denim!

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Jeans on sale at Lounge by Zalando - up to 75%* off!

Comfortable, resilient, and stylish, it's difficult to find a garment as widely worn and adored all over the world.

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They may have been made famous by cowboys and farmers, but the easy wearing trousers have become an irreplaceable fashion item for young and old alike. The history of denim is a quintessentially American tale; born out of the spirit of innovation, and designed as egalitarian clothing for working-classes.

Levi Strauss and the California gold rush

The story begins with Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss, who astutely responded to the demand for resilient clothing during the California gold rush by creating hardy overalls for industrious miners.

This new item of clothing acquired its name from the city of Genoa, where sailors wore blue cotton canvas. At the request of Jacob Davis, Strauss' innovative clothing was subsequently reinforced with rivets and proved to be ideal hard-wearing clothing for people with a sense of adventure.

"In the fifties, the denim was established as a cult favourite."

From the moment Marlon Brando and James Dean were seen wearing denim trousers on screen in the fifties, the item of clothing was established as a cult favourite. In recent decades denim trousers have truly conquered the world, moving swiftly from a symbol of non-conformity to a fashion marvel that dominates our city streets.

Jeans: A fashion essential for every wardrobe

This icon of American fashion has lost none of its original popularity and continues to be synonymous with superior comfort and exceptional durability. By happy coincidence the classic indigo dye that goes into the cotton actually gives denim it most enduring qualities.


The instantly recognisable hue ensures that denim twill softens over time, actually becoming more comfortable and form fitting as time passes. Today the enduring fashion item is a staple of wardrobes around the globe becoming a key element in seasonal trends and fashion.

Clothing designers have perfected the original rugged designs for the 21st Century, focusing on classic shapes and styles that never go out of fashion. While each season brings with it new cuts and embellishments, they have changed little from the original vision over 150 years ago. Versatility, timeless style, and the ability to be all things to all people, are some of the secrets of their survival as a clothing phenomenon.

Steeped in rich culture and heritage, jeans represent an authentic slice of Americana that never compromises on style.

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