Winter Fashion Trends 2015

Check out the latest trends in winter fashion and discover what you should not miss out in 2015! We show you coats, shoes, jumpers and more!


The trend is clearly OVERSIZED! Long coats with straight lines and a loose cut and often without a collar. Also: 60s-style coats with an A-line cut and big buttons. Another 60s influence: Capes! In a classic shape with plain colours or colourful ponchos. You want to show off your figure anyway? Put a belt around your waist (seen at Burberry). Fall trends are windbreaker jackets in bright colours or transparent rain coats (Miu Miu).


The turtleneck is back! Comfortable and warm in winter and good to combine with collarless, oversized coats or blazers. Cropped turtlenecks with a straight fit go perfectly well  together with high-waisted trousers and skirt. Oversized jumpers are also right on trend: wide cuts, overlong sleeves, and large turtlenecks made from beautifully knitted materials with nice textures and patterns. For a more sporty look choose a wide jumper with a cool print.


Lightweight trousers (no denim) were seen on this season’s catwalk, most of them with a wide and straight cut and classic pleats (think of 30s icon Marlene Dietrich). Lengths: above the ankle or very long: over the shoe. Extravagant and colourful prints for a more modern look. Other classics are the androgyne jumpsuits inspired from the early 20th century. Except for black, slim-fit leather trousers there were almost no skinnies to be seen on the catwalk. Another trend: knitted trousers combined with a knitted jumper in the same colour (Marc Jacobs & Céline).


This season you can wear skirts in all lengths, but the shape most loved by designers is the flared skirt. You can match it with a nice blouse or turtleneck with a waist belt. For a more casual look choose a flared skirt with an oversized jumper so that only the bottom of the skirt is visible. Another popular combination on the catwalks were high-waisted pencil skirts with cropped jumpers.


Dresses were mainly influenced by the 20s - the so called “flapper dresses” - with a trapezium shape and lots of fringes. Aside from dresses this season, accessories, coats, ponchos, tops and trousers can all have fringes (Cavalli). Evening dresses are glittering and glamourous and are designed with embroidery, gold brocade, sequins, rhinestones etc.  A lot of transparent fabrics were also used (Fendi) as well as asymmetric cuts.

Shoes and bags

Ideal for these cold days are lace-up boots with a robust sole and block heel. For more elegant occasions minimalist heels with a pointed toe and stiletto heels or trendy loafers are perfect as well. Real trendsetters wear masculine lace-up shoes with an extravagant platform and combine them with thick winter socks.

The rucksack is still a very practical and hip accessory. Winter and fall collections show the rucksack in plain pastel colours with a more modern and minimalist design. The same goes for handbags. Clutches and little bags are decorated with a lot of fringes and sequins – ideal for glamorous nights out.

Colours and materials

Even though they don’t come to mind when you think of winter, pastel colours are very trendy this fall/winter season. Soft pink, baby blue and mint green are not only trendy in spring! Vivid colours such as deep red and royal blue were also seen a lot, mostly in eye-catching prints and patterns. Timeless classics remain black and various shades of grey. Other trends are transparent materials and opulent embroidery, glitters, sequins, rhinestones and gold brocade – it can’t be extravagant enough!

There are a lot of new and different trends coming up this season – from minimalism to extravagance is  everything possible. Here you have a short overview for the fall/winter 2014/15 trends:

  •  Oversized coats and jumpers
  •  Classic capes and colourful ponchos
  •  Cropped turtleneck jumpers
  •  Flared skirts in all lengths
  • Plain trousers or with modern prints
  •  Glitter and glamour with sequins and embroidery
  • Soft pastel colours and vibrant reds and blues
  • Transparent materials
  • Sturdy biker boots
  • Elegant rucksacks

With these trends in mind you are fashionably prepared for the cold days – so winter can come! What do you think of these trends from the upcoming season?