Stripes Are Hot!

Summer has finally arrived and in the fashion world that only means one thing – time to spruce up our wardrobes with some stylish basics for the coming season. Amidst the usual catwalk extravagance and high-fashion fads, this summer stripes have surely stolen the spotlight, becoming a universal fashion trend for 2015. Yes, the humble stripe is dominating this season’s runways and is guaranteed to be hot, hot hot!


World-renowned fashion houses from Louis Vuitton to Chanel and Paul Smith have made a splash with stripes for heir new summer collections. However, the latest trends don’t have to be restricted to the supermodel jet-set lifestyle. The humble stripe is ultimately versatile and can form the foundation of a totally on-trend look without having to cost the earth. So get in line and find your perfect pattern!

Nautical necessity

When we think of stripes, the first thing that springs to mind is probably the classic Breton version. With its thin blue horizontal stripes across a white background, it’s no wonder this pattern has become a true classic. It’s chic, versatile and appears to work on just about anyone.  For 2015 the idea has been evolving in some new and interesting ways.

Lucky stripe

If for some reason you have become tired of this timeless trend then you’re in luck because this summer boasts some new variations of the classic stripe. So far runways have demonstrated an array of colourful, multi-directional striped prints in interesting designs. Take for example the simple tennis-style dress.

stripes are hot

This sporty number has been a summer must-have for years – albeit perhaps a little uninteresting. Fashion houses this season have however been experimenting with bolder colours and low-key horizontal stripes so that you can go from tennis court to catwalk in no time.

Sporty or Formal

For a more sporty look, a retro-style jacket with a single bold stripe around the middle paired with jeans and trainers is modern and casual while still looking on-trend and stylish. And of course, where would the all-out sporty look be without the original striped trainers?

"Classic pinstripes will always work for an upmarket business suit."

If you need something more formal for the office stripes can also add some sophistication to your style. Classic pinstripes will always work for an upmarket business suit, but for everyday work wear consider a horizontally striped blouse with a pleated skirt to provide contrast in line – this is a look that combines summer cool with efficient elegance for the workplace.

Waist lines

By now you will have realized that stripes (or any lined equivalent) are very much in this season. However, one last reason to consider joining the stripe brigade this summer is the notion that stripes can make you look slimmer (this of course depends on the direction of the pattern). Black may still be the number one slimming choice when it comes to clothing but stripes are a perfect summer alternative.


"Get in line and find your perfect pattern!"

The general idea is that vertical stripes have a narrowing effect, while horizontal ones make the body appear a little wider than it really is. This is pretty much true, but with one important thing to bear in mind for horizontal patterns – if the striped area is across the shoulders on a top or well below the hips on a dress, this can actually have the effect of making the waist and hips look slimmer!

Whichever way you choose to adopt the stripe for your new wardrobe, we hope your look for summer 2015 will be a very stylish success!