What Glasses Suit Me?

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The Ultimate Guide

Whether we’re talking about minimalist metal-framed designs or pairs featuring jewels and neo-Baroque artistic motifs, sunglasses are a must-have accessory that has transformed a basic need – protecting your eyes against the sun’s rays – into an indispensable fashion item. Behind every pair of high-quality sunglassses, there lies state of the art research, a century of experience and our creative intuition, all of which combine to create unique and irresistible designs.

what glasses suit me

To find out what makes a great pair of sunglasses, we’ve turned to experts who aren’t just passionate about wearing sunglasses, but also design and manufacture them. Through a collaboration with Safilo Group, Italy’s leading creator and distributor of high-end sunglasses and sporting eyewear, we have come up with the definitive guide on how to choose the perfect sunglasses for your facial size and shape.

When choosing a pair of sunglasses, it’s not enough to be base your choice on personal tastes or seasonal trends. Sunglasses are the kind of accessory that come in a variety of shapes, and it takes care and attention to find a pair that is suited to the proportions of your face.

Helpfully, there are some very simple “rules” that we can use to match a pair of sunglasses to different facial types, resulting in harmonious looks that enhance your overall appearance.

what glasses suit mewhat glasses suit mewhat glasses suit mewhat glasses suit mewhat glasses suit mewhat glasses suit me

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The views of the experts

Safilo’s opinion on how to choose sunglasses

Choosing sunglasses is more than a question of shapes and colours. In the first place, products must be of a very high quality. Leading companies create their glasses using specialist expertise, from the design teams through to engineers and manufacturing facilities. This results in objects that are not only beautiful, but also take comfort, fit, durability and safety into account. These qualities differentiate such products from inferior sunglasses.

What distinguishes a quality pair of sunglasses from ordinary products?

“What glasses suit me?” Sunglasses are versatile accessories that perform numerous functions. For fashion addicts, they are mainly aesthetic, and are often used to complete outfits; for others, they are essential for driving, for playing outdoor sports or improving their performance in other respects. Many different lens types are available, from types that amplify colour perception, to one that improve sharpness of vision or contrast, helping to handle reflective glare in very sunny conditions. Above all, though, it’s key to remember that sunglasses offer indispensable protection against sunlight.

what glasses suit me

During the summer, UV protection becomes extremely important. Just as we take care to protect our skin, we also need to protect our eyes against risk associated with too much exposure to the sun. The most important guarantee that your sunglasses are of a high quality is where you buy them. Don’t give into the temptation to buy from the first sunglasses stall you encounter. Quality products are made from certified materials and lenses, and are made in accordance with safety laws. Few cheap varieties meet those standards.

Secondly, choose a type of lens that meets your needs. There are many types of lens, with forms that are suited to driving, prolonged sun exposure or very intense UV rays. There are also polarised lenses that, in addition to UV protection, offer protection against eyestrain. For many people, these glasses allow for a superior visual experience. To be completely sure that you are buying quality eyewear, you therefore need to acquaint yourself with the leading brands, which offer certified products with protective lenses and UV filters.

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