Interview With Trainer Matthew Griffiths From Casall

The sports brand Casall has offered its customers quality clothing and innovative sports equipment for over 30 years. Their designers are always striving for the perfect blend of fashion and functionality for their products.


To learn more about the brand, their concept and the image of the label, we spoke to Casall trainer Matthew Griffiths.

1. First of all please tell us a bit about the brand Casall.

Casall is a Swedish brand and for over 30 years they have created high-end training apparel and equipment. Casall is passionate about quality and functional design, created for individuals who are serious about their training and appearance. The brand has beautifully fused fashion and training and believes that exercise and fashion go hand in hand.

2. Physical activity is mandatory if you want to keep in shape and have a clear mind. What are the benefits of training on a regular basis?

Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that individuals who lead an active lifestyle are more likely to live longer and are less likely to develop serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Working out will boost an individual’s energy, vitality and love of life. Exercise not only improves your physical health, it also helps to reduce anxiety and lowers stress while increasing stamina and self-esteem.

"The functional tools are user friendly and have a bigger impact on the indvidual’s training."

Interview Casall

3. To get the best out of our exercises, the equipment is very important. Do you have any concrete examples? To enhance your training Casall has developed authentic functional tools. They are user friendly and have a bigger impact on the indvidual’s training. This is beacause the tools have been designed and tested by professionals in the fields of training and sports. This essentially gives the user an advantage, as the tool has been designed optimally for the right kind of exercise.

4. There are many tools available at Casall. Which one is your favourite and why?

My favourite tool has to be the Casall medicine ball. The diversity of this training tool could probably serve as one of the best functional training tools ever. It can strengthen your individual weaknesses, allowing you to move more freely and powerfully in the real world, inspiring you to create countless exercises and workout drills. Medicine balls can be used to strengthen and tone the body in the full spectrum of 3D motions. It challenges our bodies to find stability and mobility in positions not commonly trained in the gym atmosphere but seen countless times in sport and the real world.

Interview Casall

5. As a trainer at Casall, do you have any recommendations for someone who wants to start this kind of program?

Firstly, listen to your body. Your body knows when you’re working at the right level and when it feels good. When any new exercise or training program is introduced, progressively increase the level of intensity.

If you start with a good foundation, you will limit your chances of failure.

Secondly I would strongly suggest investing in a good personal trainer who can clearly instruct you how to warm up correctly, build a suitable training program and execute it to perfection. This is probably the biggest investment you can make because if you start with a good foundation, you will limit your chances of failure and injury and build your path to success.

6. What kind of diet should you follow when you start to train?

My best diet tip is to focus on the basics - a balanced intake of fruit, vegetables, fish and meat should keep your energy levels stable. Work towards purchasing mostly organic whole-grain foods, avoiding processed and refined sugar whenever possible.  I believe in enjoying food, especially making good food with great produce and eating with awesome people. These are important factors that often get forgotten about.

Interview Casall

7. Let’s say you start to lose motivation and feel like giving up. What do you suggest is a good remedy for this?

Motivation is one of the keys that will push you into taking action and keep you moving each day. If you do not have motivation, you will tend to procrastinate about the things that are supposed to get done.

Here are a few ways to stay motivated.

  • Remember the reason why you’re doing the exercise or programs!

The reason why you do something is the driving force behind everything you do. It is only when your reason is strong and emotional enough that you will do whatever it takes to accomplish the task.

  • Envision the success if you do it and feel the regret if you don’t do it!

Do you think your mind will eventually make it real one day? Yes, you bet. The point is this: when you imagine and visualise things in your mind, you will feel motivated to do it.

Interview Casall
  • Dream big, start small and act now!

This is a very powerful principle if you apply it to your life. When you dream, you have to dream big so that your dream can inspire you. However, when you start, you have to start small because you want to make it into a habit so that you will automatically take action consistently every day. Take baby steps and gradually increase from there on. For example, if you want to exercise and workout five days a week, try to schedule and start small. Even if it is just five minutes a day, commit to it and just do it. The key is to build the momentum and make it easy for you to start. Once you get the engine running, gradually increase the momentum and reach a higher level.

8. Music is hugely important when it comes to working out . Any suggestions on what to listen to?

Music has been proven to help motivate indviudals when exercising. The best thing you can do is to find songs that suit your training and mood. Create playlists that will help you get more out of your body when you want to push hard, but also make some more relaxing playlists for when you want to tone it down a notch. Any kind of calming music will do wonders to rejuvenate your body.

9. Thanks a lot for answering our questions. Do you have any other tips for our readers?Believe in yourself. You always have the ability to improve.

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