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You know when you feel uncomfortable about how you dressed and – damn it – if you only had thought about it before you would have chosen a different outfit? We at Zalando Lounge believe that fashion is creative, fun and rebellious. But we also know that it can sometimes disorient and turn the outfit choice into a risky challenge, where fashion mistakes are always around the corner. That’s why the Zalando Lounge team has devised this handy guide to share with you the dos and don’ts for every occasion, to make you feel beautiful and at ease, whatever the circumstances. 

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The clothes and accessories we wear can say a lot about us. Certain events and occasions require a specific dress code, yet you can still create outfits that illustrate your originality and sense of style. The possibilities are endless. However, although fashion is fun and creativity, it’s still easy to get things wrong. There’s a constant risk of slipping on that proverbial banana peel when it comes to a particular dress code or style. That’s why the Zalando Lounge team has devised this handy guide and has asked our stylist and fashion expert Tegan Ellis-McNabb for some advice.

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In a business environment, a woman should look strong, confident and ready to take on the day like a boss, and the best way to do this is to reflect your professionalism through your wardrobe. A clean pressed simple white shirt is timeless for the office or a more modern high neck top, worn with conservative yet stylish high waisted tailored trousers or skirt. For a more casual work environment, don’t be afraid to wear something that really reflects your personality and stays true to the business ethos; tailored trousers and skirts could be replaced with jeans or dungarees for example.


A great party dress should make you feel like the best version of yourself. Not every woman has to wear a short dress to feel sexy, a mid-length dress can be just as feminine for women who may want to show more of their upper body. Styling tips for creating a more hourglass shape include wearing a belt around the waist or choosing a dress that comes in above the hips to create the illusion of a smaller waist. To extend and elongate your legs, heels are an obvious go-to, but don’t avoid choosing a smaller heel if you feel like letting loose on the dance floor.

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The best advice I can give for a date is to wear something that will make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself. This is your first chance to show your date a little bit of your personality, so wear your favourite pair of shoes or that new bright lipstick. Dress appropriately for the date’s activities but don’t forget the small things like matching socks, after all, it’s always best to be prepared for anything.

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For the bride and groom’s special day, colours such as dark navy or pastel are a great choice when looking for something versatile, clean and modern. Equally, if you want to substitute classic for modern, the obvious choice of a dress can instead be switched out for a jumpsuit or even a two-piece tailored suit. The timeless accessory for a wedding is of course a statement hat but if you do not feel like being so bold, you can substitute that for a subtle hair fastening.

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For sun, sea and sand you always want light fabrics to keep you cool, i.e. anything flowy, light and not too tight, from a flared pair of high waisted trousers to an airy summer dress. In summer I always think it’s time to leave the dark colours behind and embrace the bright. Think prints and bright colours to bring out the summer mood, as well as white tones to compliment your summer tan. The perfect summer holiday accessory is a floppy hat for style but also to protect your hair and skin from sun damage.

Your search for fashionable, dress-code appropriate outfits will be so much more enjoyable now that you can follow our handy tips, yet you’ll still be able to express your unique personality and style. Have fun and may the style be with you!  😉

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