Trend Of The Week: Clothing With Fringes

It’s such a hot trend this season, you can’t escape from it even in Winter. Fringes are everywhere. In fact, you can find fringes on a scarf, vest, cap, bags or boots… just about everywhere!

clothing with fringes

Get some beautiful clothes with fringes

Some sturdy boots, a leather jacket with fringes and you are ready to leave for a big adventure. Instead of riding horses, you will ride your bike, ok, the environment is changing but on the inside,  you will stay the heroine of your favourite western movie.

Actually, clothes with fringes were used by Native Americans for practical reasons. Over time, they became embellishments. Today, designers use them in their fashion shows.

Symbol of a hippie look

Clothing, accessories or shoes with fringes are one of the symbols of the hippie look, as well as the Indian, tribal look. But still, it’s up to you to give it the edge that you desire. You can personalise it or mix it with different styles. For instance, wear a pair of feminine high-heeled boots with a leather jacket to get the hippie-chic look.

Careful! Only wear one item with fringes.