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Outdoor shoes

If you’re a keen runner or you love hiking through rugged landscapes, then the right outdoor shoes are a must. We’re not just talking any old muddy boots and trainers, you need gear that is specially engineered to provide support and comfort and help your feet keep up with your ambitions.

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Thankfully, at Zalando Lounge’s online shopping club, you’ll find the meanest, leanest deals on high performance footwear for sporty types of both sexes.

Outdoor shoes for speed and endurance

Simply sign up for free and take a look through our site, and you’ll quickly discover that we’re well ahead of the competition when it comes to offering record-breaking deals on top outdoor shoes brands. We regularly feature renowned labels such as KangarOOS, Northland, Odlo and Jeep, and with up to 75% off in some cases, our promotions are second to none.

Peruse our selection of alpine walking and mountain boots, and you’ll see they offer features such as breathable fabrics, waterproof membranes and soles designed to enhance traction and cushion the foot from unexpected impacts.

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You’ll be equally as impressed by our running shoes for the trail and the road. Light weight fabrication, toe-freshening interiors, high viz uppers for those evening runs – at Zalando Lounge you can expect these sorts of high ticket extras, but at prices that won’t leave your bank balance limping till the end of the month. Or perhaps you’re just hunting around for a pair of snug, fleece-lined snow boots or some wellies that look stylish as they keep out the wet? Zalando Lounge can help you there too.

Bringing you top brands in outdoor shoes

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Now before you leap into action, you’ll be wondering whether you can trust us to deliver on what we promise. The answer – yes, you can. When you buy a pair of sportswear boots or trainers from Zalando Lounge, they’re guaranteed to be the real thing, and they’re not going to let you down on that long-anticipated hike or marathon. Oh, and we’re sure they’ll look great on you too. Get your outdoor shoes by subscribing to Zalando Lounge.

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