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Zalando Lounge

• A shopping club with a difference •

Zalando Lounge offers a premium one-stop online shop for all kinds of customers. Devotees of top brand fashion items from some of the world's best clothing design houses are well served by the easy to use shopping outlet.


We’re sorry to inform you that we’re temporarily unable to deliver to Northern Ireland. Please check out our FAQ for more information.

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With exclusive daily deals of up to 75%* off the latest fashion lines and collections, the expert providers of the service can arrange direct delivery to a home address through the use of a straight forward ordering system.

Zalando Lounge

A shopping club website is based around the idea of providing daily deals and limited offers to its subscribers. By taking out a free registration without any requirement to purchase anything, a member can browse the huge savings on world famous brands on a regular basis.

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As well as top fashion brands from all over the world, the shopping outlet also offers exclusive deals on accessories, sportswear and trainers and shoes. Since 2010, the expert staff of this premium shopping service have provided deal after deal, cutting up to 75% off the manufacturers recommended retail price. As a guaranteed method of experiencing the world's most elegant and stylish clothing collections and ranges of accessories, this is a go-to place for the savvy fashion lover.

Putting the customer in control at Zalando Lounge

The flexibility and convenience offered by a premium shopping club service should be at the heart of its success. This is certainly the case with this exclusive member's platform - a reliable and trustworthy online marketplace displaying a range of private and exclusive deals.

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By tapping into this wealth of attractive offers, a club member can be part of a shopping experience which puts them firmly in control. With no requirement to make any regular purchases or orders, the emphasis is on discovery and relaxed browsing. In no time at all, a registered member can experience a world of superior fashion and convenient stylish shopping.

The idea of a premium shopping club built on trust and reliability is one that comes naturally. With an emphasis on choice and first-rate rewards for customer loyalty, the online shopping experience can always produce a satisfying result. By taking out a free registration with the service, the possibilities are endless.

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*Compared to the recommended retail price.